Musselman’s Wins Guinness World Record for Largest Bowl of Apple Sauce

From the largest bubblegum bubble (20 inches) to the tallest Mohawk hairdo (45 inches), the recipients of Guinness World Records astound us year after year. On October 12th, Musselman’s joined in on the fun by making history with the world’s largest bowl of apple sauce, created in honor of the company’s new six-ounce BIG CUP apple sauce. Musselman’s offers its BIG CUP in cinnamon, original, and unsweetened varieties.

Musselman's Guinness Book of Records - Adding SauceAn official sponsor of the 2013 Baltimore Running Festival, which features the Baltimore Marathon and other races, Musselman’s set up in the center of the event’s action, Celebration Village, and invited visitors to pour serving after serving of its BIG CUP apple sauce into an enormous bowl. Guinness World Records officially weighed the bowl and proclaimed that Musselman’s had the world record for the Largest Bowl of Apple Sauce at 716 pounds!

In honor of our new world record – and our recently launched BIG CUP apple sauce – here’s a fun look at other Guinness World Records over the last decade that raise eating and food-making to a whole new (and totally zany) level.

  • In 2012, Dimitri Panciera, from Italy, earned a world record for the most scoops of ice cream stacked on a cone. He managed to stabilize 71 scoops before the cone toppled over.
  • That same year, Ashrita Furman of the United States ate 186 grapes in three minutes.  Interestingly, there were guidelines set for this record where grapes had to be consumed one at a time; grapes picked up in groups of two or more were not counted.
  • Another 2012 record was for the largest hamburger which was prepared by the Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton Minnesota. The 2,014 pound burger was topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles, American cheese and bacon.
  • The Popcorn Factory assembled (and then let kids nibble on) the world’s largest popcorn ball in 2006. It measured eight feet in diameter and weighed a whopping 3,415 pounds.
  • In 2003, Immaculate Baking Company (Hendersonville, North Carolina) baked a chocolate chip cookie even larger than a basketball court. The cookie measured more than 100 feet in diameter and was loaded with 6,000 pounds of chocolate chips.

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